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ActiveLife One-Piece Colostomy Pouch System - 12 Inch Length, Drainable, Trim To Fit (Vinyl Material)

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  • Versatile Sizing: ActiveLife One-Piece Colostomy Pouch accommodates stomas ranging from 3/4 to 2-1/2 inches, providing a versatile and customized fit for individual comfort.
  • Innovative Comfort Panel: The one-sided comfort panel enhances user comfort, providing a gentle and skin-friendly experience for individuals managing their colostomies.
  • Effortless Draining: The pouch allows for easy draining, offering convenience and efficiency in managing colostomies while maintaining discretion.
  • Lightweight and Flexible: Crafted from lightweight and flexible materials, the ActiveLife system offers ease of movement and comfort for individuals leading active lifestyles.
  • Simple One-Piece Design: ActiveLife combines the skin barrier and pouch into a simple one-piece system, ensuring easy management and a user-friendly experience for individuals with colostomies.

Introducing the ActiveLife One-Piece Colostomy Pouch System, a versatile solution for individuals with colostomies. With a 12-inch length and a trim-to-fit design for stomas ranging from 3/4 to 2-1/2 inches, this lightweight and flexible system offers optimal comfort. The innovative one-sided comfort panel ensures a gentle experience, while the pouch allows for easy draining, providing convenience for active lifestyles. Crafted from vinyl material, the ActiveLife system combines simplicity and efficiency for seamless colostomy care.

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