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Depend Guards for Men

Bladder Control Pad Depend Guards for Men 12 Inch Length Heavy Absorbency Sodium Polyacrylate Core One Size Fits Most


  • Maximum Absorbency Protect against larger bladder leaks and surges with a super absorbent core that absorbs 25x its weight and turns liquid to gel

  • Designed for Men Cup-like shape to fit a man’s body worn in your underwear

  • Discreetly worn in your underwear

  • Features a strong adhesive to hold in place in your briefs and boxer briefs

  • Each incontinence pad comes individually wrapped in a discreet, pocket-sized pouch for easy carrying and disposal
  • Fast delivery
  • Auto Delivery , Free Shipping for $100 Above products
Item Description Quantity Price
13792 One Size Fits Most / 6 to 12 Inch Length Case of 104


13792 One Size Fits Most / 6 to 12 Inch Length Bag of 52


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