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Continuous Nerve Block Set Contiplex® Insulated Needle Continuous, Single Shot

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Echogenic catheter-over-needle system for continuous nerve block
Includes: Contiplex C 19 Gauge X 18.7 cm catheter over 25 Gauge X 19 cm needle with 15° bevel, catheter connector, 0.2 µm procedural filter, PinPad securement device, 30 cm connection tubing
The next evolution in ultrasound guided CPNB catheter placement
Catheter-over-needle design - Contiplex® C provides the power and flexibility of a catheter with the familiarity of a single shot
Deliberate - the catheter tip can be purposely directed to an exact location, without the need to thread
One step - once the catheter and needle are in the right location, simply remove the needle, the catheter is already placed
Linear - needle and catheter are introduced in a straight line making it easier to maintain both in the ultrasound beam
Echogenic - catheter is ultrasound visible, after needle removal, the catheter can be identified because of its straight trajectory
Help reduce leakage - when the needle is removed, the catheter is designed to seal the puncture site to help reduce leakage
Securement with a shorter catheter - Help make catheter securement easier and reduce the potential of catheter knotting, the short 18.7 cm catheter is designed for easy handling and securement
Help improve patient comfort - Contiplex® C’s 30° or 15° bevel and small 25 Gauge size is designed to be less traumatic to the patient when compared to a larger 17 or 18 Gauge Tuohy
Insulated needle with C-Grip
Catheter visible under ultrasound