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Conveen Optima External Male Catheter by Coloplast Secure, Reliable, and Skin-Friendly

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  • Self-Adhering Silicone: The Conveen Optima External Male Catheter by Coloplast is a self-adhering silicone catheter, featuring a trouble-free adhesive for easy application. The silicone material ensures comfort and flexibility during wear.
  • Double-Grip Strip for Secure Fit: With a double-grip strip and sure-grip ribs, this external catheter ensures a secure and dependable fit. The double-grip strip enhances the adhesion, providing confidence in the catheter's stability.
  • Triple-Action Anti-Leak System: The Conveen Optima Catheter is equipped with a triple-action anti-leak system and an anti-kink bulb. These features work together to prevent urine backflow and leakage, ensuring a reliable and mess-free experience.
  • Soft, Comfortable, and Breathable: Designed for comfort, the Conveen Optima is soft, comfortable, and breathable. It offers an excellent alternative to more invasive intermittent catheters, providing a comfortable and discreet solution for users.
  • Transparent for Easy Monitoring: The catheter is transparent, allowing easy monitoring of the skin beneath. Balanced adhesives not only ensure secure reliability but also contribute to skin friendliness, making it suitable for prolonged wear.

Experience security and comfort with the Conveen Optima External Male Catheter by Coloplast. This self-adhering silicone catheter features a trouble-free adhesive and a double-grip strip for a secure fit. The triple-action anti-leak system and anti-kink bulb prevent backflow and leakage, ensuring reliability. Soft, breathable, and transparent for easy monitoring, the Conveen Optima offers a comfortable alternative to traditional catheters. Trust in its balanced adhesives for skin-friendly and secure wear throughout the day.