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Cure Medical®

Cure Medical Intermittent Catheter for Women

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6 Inch Length

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6 Inch Length - No Connector

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Product Overview

Cure Intermittent Straight Tip Catheter for Women now comes with a dual opening case. This simplifies the insertion process from start to finish so that women can quickly master the technique of self-intermittent catheterization. Women with health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, or a spinal cord injury may be unable to regulate the muscles or send the message to the brain that it's time to empty the bladder. The intermittent catheter is placed through the urethra as an alternative means to drain the bladder. Since the catheter enters the body, it is critical that it is made with safe materials. Users have peace of mind since the Cure Female Intermittent Catheter is latex-free reducing allergic reactions and also free of known cancer-causing chemicals, known as DEHP and BPA.

This daily routine ensures urinary tract health. This is why the catheter comes completely sterile for one-time use only. The funnel end adds to the sanitary insertion process and can be attached to a drainage bag if needed. Cure Catheter F14 with the green funnel is the most popular size among users and is why it is available without the funnel if that is preferred. This helps reduce the risk of infection and bacteria growth. It comes in several different sizes from eight to eighteen French and is six inches long. They are designed to be single-use only and should be properly disposed of after use.