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Drive Bariatric Aluminum Folding Walker, Two Button Sturdy Mobility Support


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  • Effortless Operation: The Drive Bariatric Aluminum Folding Walker features easy push-button mechanisms, operable by fingers, palms, or the side of the hand, ensuring user-friendly functionality.
  • Heavy-Duty Design: With a wider and deeper frame, this walker accommodates individuals up to 500 lbs., providing robust support for bariatric use.
  • Comfortable Grip: Equipped with vinyl contoured hand grips, the walker offers a comfortable and secure hold, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Independent Mobility: Each side operates independently, allowing easy maneuvering through narrow spaces and providing greater stability while standing.
  • Precision and Strength: Precision-designed with steel legs and side braces, this folding walker ensures additional strength while maintaining a minimal weight, making it a reliable and durable mobility aid.

Experience unparalleled support with the Drive Bariatric Aluminum Folding Walker, Two Button. Designed for bariatric use, this walker boasts easy push-button mechanisms for effortless operation and accommodates individuals up to 500 lbs. The vinyl contoured hand grips offer a comfortable hold, while the independent operation of each side ensures easy maneuverability and stability. Precision-engineered with steel legs and side braces, this walker provides the strength needed without compromising on weight. Elevate your mobility experience with this sturdy and reliable folding walker.

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