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Jevity 1.5 Unflavored Ready to Use Oral Supplement 8 oz. Carton - Complete Liquid Nutrition with Fiber (24/CS)


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  • Comprehensive Liquid Nutrition: Jevity 1.5 is a ready-to-use oral supplement providing complete liquid nutrition with fiber, packaged conveniently in 8 oz. cartons (24/CS) for easy and regular consumption.
  • Fiber-Enriched Formula: Designed to support digestive health, this Jevity 1.5 variant includes fiber, offering a well-rounded nutritional profile for those seeking a liquid supplement with additional dietary fiber.
  • Diverse Dietary Considerations: This oral supplement is crafted to accommodate various dietary needs - it contains milk ingredients, soy ingredients, and is gluten-free, making it suitable for individuals with specific dietary requirements.
  • Halal and Lactose Intolerance Friendly: Certified as Halal, Jevity 1.5 is suitable for individuals adhering to specific cultural or religious dietary guidelines. Additionally, it is suitable for those with lactose intolerance, ensuring comfort in consumption.
  • Not for Galactosemia: Important for individuals with specific metabolic conditions, Jevity 1.5 Unflavored is not suitable for those with galactosemia, adhering to dietary restrictions for optimal health.

Experience the convenience of Jevity 1.5 Unflavored Ready to Use Oral Supplement, a comprehensive liquid nutrition with added fiber in each 8 oz. carton (24/CS). Tailored to support digestive health, this formula accommodates diverse dietary needs, containing milk and soy ingredients while being gluten-free. Certified Halal and suitable for lactose intolerance, it caters to specific cultural and dietary preferences. Not suitable for galactosemia, this oral supplement ensures adherence to essential dietary restrictions. Elevate your nutritional support with Jevity 1.5, offering a convenient and accommodating liquid supplement solution.

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