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McKesson Gravity Feeding Bag Set 1200 mL Standard Design


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  • Versatile Enteral Administration: McKesson's Gravity Feeding Bag Set is designed for efficient enteral nutrition, fluid, or medication delivery without the need for a feeding pump.
  • Standardized Tubing Design: With a 12 Fr. standard tubing design, featuring a 3.0 mm inner diameter and 4.1 mm outer diameter, this set ensures reliable and consistent enteral access.
  • Enhanced Safety: The included ENFit® connector adheres to ISO 80369-3 standards, eliminating the risk of IV misconnections and enhancing patient safety during administration.
  • User-Friendly Features: Equipped with an adjustable roller clamp for precise flow control, an easy-to-use snap cap with a rigid neck for convenient filling and closure, and graduated measurements from 50 mL to 1200 mL for monitoring fluid levels.
  • Convenient and Safe: The set includes a pre-attached feeding tube transition connector for optional use without the ENFit connection system, providing flexibility in clinical applications.
Ensure reliable and safe enteral administration with the McKesson Gravity Feeding Bag Set 1200 mL. This set is versatile, designed for enteral nutrition, fluids, or medication delivery without the need for a feeding pump. With standardized tubing dimensions, user-friendly features, and enhanced safety measures, it provides a convenient and secure solution for healthcare professionals. The DEHP-free PVC material, write-on patient label, and optional transition connector without ENFit make it a practical choice for various clinical settings. Single-use and latex-free, it aligns with the highest standards of care.

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