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Peptamen Intense VHP 8.45 oz. Tetra Prisma Ready to Use, Unflavored Adult Formula


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  • Critical Care Protein Formula: Peptamen Intense VHP is a unique protein formula tailored for the critically ill, designed to meet protein requirements in accordance with Critical Care Guidelines, especially for those with obesity.
  • High Protein Percentage: With the highest percentage of calories from protein (37%) among complete tube feeding formulas, Peptamen Intense VHP supports the maintenance of lean body mass crucial for recovery.
  • Balanced Lipid Profile: This formula includes a lipid profile aimed at modulating proinflammatory mediators in critically ill patients, contributing to a comprehensive nutritional approach.
  • Carbohydrate Management: Designed to support the nutritional management of blood glucose levels, Peptamen Intense VHP maintains an optimal carbohydrate level.
  • Digestive Health Support: Featuring a 4 g/L PREBIO¹™ soluble fiber blend, this formula promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, aiding in digestive health for individuals with specific dietary needs.

Peptamen Intense VHP, in a convenient 8.45 oz. Tetra Prisma pack, is a specially crafted, unflavored adult formula for critically ill patients. With the highest protein percentage and a balanced lipid profile, it addresses the nutritional needs of individuals with obesity in line with Critical Care Guidelines. Supporting lean body mass maintenance, blood glucose management, and digestive health, this formula is suitable for lactose intolerance, gluten-free, and low-residue diets. Ideal for various critical conditions, it is intended for use under medical supervision.

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