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ProCare Ankle Sleeve Mild Compression and Support, Open Heel Design, Heavy-Duty Elastic Anklet


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  • Mild Compression and Support: The ProCare Ankle Sleeve delivers mild compression, offering targeted support for individuals seeking relief during various activities.
  • Tailored Fit: Designed to fit male shoe sizes 4 to 6, this ankle sleeve provides a personalized and snug fit for optimal compression and comfort.
  • Open Heel Design: Enjoy breathability and flexibility with the open heel design, allowing airflow and freedom of movement while maintaining support.
  • Sturdy Pull-Over Elastic Anklet: The heavy-duty elastic anklet ensures a secure fit and reliable support, making the ProCare Ankle Sleeve a durable solution for daily wear.
  • ProCare Quality: Trust in ProCare for effective compression. This ankle sleeve combines quality craftsmanship with targeted design for optimal comfort and support.

Experience targeted compression and support with the ProCare Ankle Sleeve. Crafted for mild compression, this sleeve is designed to fit male shoe sizes 4 to 6, providing a snug yet comfortable fit. The open heel design ensures breathability and flexibility, while the sturdy pull-over elastic anklet offers reliable support. Elevate your ankle comfort with ProCare, the go-to solution for those seeking effective compression in a durable, heavy-duty design.

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