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Simplicity Extra Heavy Incontinence Liner 12 x 28 Inch, Adhesive Patches, Wetness Sensor - Secure and Discreet Protection


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  • Advanced Absorbency System: Simplicity Extra Heavy Incontinence Liner features a 2-part absorbency system, providing effective protection for individuals with moderate to heavy incontinence needs.
  • Secure Placement: Equipped with adhesive patches, this incontinence liner ensures a secure placement, allowing users to move freely without concerns about shifting.
  • Wetness Sensor for Timely Changes: The built-in wetness sensor alerts users when it's time to change, promoting timely care and maintaining optimal hygiene.
  • Outstanding Odor Neutralization: Maximize protection and dignity with outstanding odor-neutralizing qualities, providing a discreet and comfortable experience for users.
  • Versatile Wear: Designed for versatility, this liner can be worn with regular underwear or special knit pants for a streamlined fit, enhancing user dignity compared to full briefs.

Simplicity Extra Heavy Incontinence Liner is a reliable and discreet solution for individuals with moderate to heavy incontinence. The 2-part absorbency system ensures effective protection, while adhesive patches secure its placement. The wetness sensor prompts timely changes, and outstanding odor-neutralizing qualities enhance the overall user experience. Whether worn with regular underwear or special knit pants, this incontinence liner offers versatility, dignity, and the assurance of maximum dryness. Invest in Simplicity for secure and discreet protection tailored to your needs.

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