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Skin Barrier Filler Paste 2 oz. EZ-Squeeze Tube: Precision for Ostomy Care


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  • Specialized Ostomy Care: The Adapt Skin Barrier Filler Paste is designed for ostomy care, providing a reliable solution for creating a secure seal and maintaining skin health around stoma sites.
  • Easy Application with EZ-Squeeze Tube: The EZ-Squeeze Tube ensures easy and precise application, allowing you to dispense the filler paste exactly where needed for a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Effective Barrier: This filler paste acts as an effective barrier, protecting the skin from irritants and promoting a secure seal, contributing to overall comfort and confidence in ostomy care.
  • 2 oz. Convenient Size: The 2 oz. size is ideal for regular use, offering a sufficient amount of filler paste to meet your ostomy care needs while remaining compact and portable.
  • Trusted Adapt Quality: From a brand known for its commitment to quality in ostomy care, the Adapt Skin Barrier Filler Paste delivers the reliability and precision you need for effective stoma site management.

Ensure precision and comfort in your ostomy care routine with the Adapt Skin Barrier Filler Paste in a 2 oz. EZ-Squeeze Tube. Specifically crafted for stoma site management, this filler paste offers an effective barrier, promoting a secure seal and protecting the skin. The EZ-Squeeze Tube facilitates easy and precise application, ensuring you dispense the right amount where needed. With a convenient 2 oz. size, it's perfect for regular use, providing the reliability and quality associated with the trusted Adapt brand. Elevate your ostomy care with the precision of Adapt Skin Barrier Filler Paste.

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