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Vive Health

Heavy Duty Walker Ski Glides 2 Pack


  • Provides Greater Stability

  • Better Than Tennis Balls

  • For Indoor And Outdoor Use

  • Universally Sized

  • Heavy Duty Materials

  • Slides Into Place Securely

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Dimensions:2.9” By 2.2” By 1.4”, Fits Most Walkers With 7/8 and 1 1/8 Inches Legs Pack of 2


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These Heavy Duty Walker Ski Glides are specifically designed to provide a smoother and easier walking experience for users of walkers. Made with durable materials, these glides easily attach to the bottom of walkers and help to reduce friction, making it easier for users to navigate various surfaces. With a pack of 2, these glides are a practical and reliable addition to any walker.