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Hempvana Rollerball Arthritis Pain Relief Lotion


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New Deep Penetrating Rollerball Massage Applicator: we’ve taken the pain-fighting Hempvana Arthritis Gel with Hemp Seed Oil you love and turned it into an easy-to-apply, rollerball powerhouse. You’ll love how easily and evenly it spreads as the rollerballs deeply massage the lotion into your skin for the ultimate arthritis pain relief fighting power!

5 Stainless-Steel Rollerballs: our unique applicator has five stainless-steel rollerballs that are cool to the touch and seamlessly glide over your skin for the perfect application that’s mess-free!

Menthol Formula: Hempvana Rollerball Arthritis Lotion uses menthol 8% for incredible relief from arthritis pain! This innovative pain lotion soothes and cools the area, helping reduce pain by blocking receptors that cause pain.

Target Pain: unlike other medications that treat your whole body, Hempvana Rollerball Arthritis Lotion targets arthritis pain where it hurts so you can feel relief so much quicker! Use anywhere you have arthritis, like your shoulders, knees, hands, and feet!

Hemp Seed Oil: enriched with Hemp Seed Oil, Hempvana Rollerball Arthritis Lotion not only makes your skin feel great, but it also aids in super-quick absorption!

Non-Greasy: unlike other ointments and creams that leave behind a greasy mess, Hempvana Rollerball Arthritis Lotion is non-greasy. Say goodbye to greasy fingers and unsightly marks on your clothing from your topical ointments because Hempvana Rollerball Arthritis Lotion delivers incredible relief without the greasy residue!

Ultra-Strength Formula: our ultra-strength formula has a high concentration of menthol to help relieve pain FAST, helping to loosen stiff joints and increase your range of motion.

Easy to Apply: just massage Hempvana Arthritis Pain Relief Gel into achy, stiff joints where you need fast relief. Use anywhere you have arthritis, like your shoulders, knees, hands, and feet!

Non-Irritating & Non-Burning: some pain cream burns when you apply them or cause skin irritation. Hempvana Rollerball Arthritis Lotion is non-irritating and non-burning, so you can relieve pain in confidence!

Net. Wt. 2.5 oz (71g)

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