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Hempvana Straight 8 Adjustable LightweighHempvana Straight 8 Adjustable Lightweight Posture Corrector Brace Brace


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Do you suffer from text neck or poor posture? The backaches, the shoulder strain, and the neck pain — it can be unbearable. Now you can stand straight and feel great wearing Hempvana Straight 8, the new training tool that helps you stand taller, widen your shoulders, and align your spine. You’ll get instant relief while helping reduce pain from slouching. Your posture starts shifting the moment you put Hempvana Straight 8 on. Straight 8’s eight points of support engage your lower back, middle back, shoulders, and neck. Together they work delivering perfect alignment and muscle memory that will teach you to stand straight. Unlike other braces, Straight 8 is ultra-comfortable. It’s woven with moisture-wicking hemp fibers — wear it all day without sweating! Hempvana Straight 8 is fully adjustable to fit virtually any size. Lightweight and discreet, you can wear it underneath clothing and no one will know. Wear it for support on the job, in the car, and for support to prevent you from bending over your computer all day. Stand taller with more confidence when you wear Hempvana Straight 8!
  • The Easy Way to Correct Your Posture: sitting over your computer or looking down at your phone causes slouching and poor posture. Easily correct simply by wearing Hempvana Straight 8 and get the upper body support you need.
  • Relieves Pain & Strain: when you slip on Hempvana Straight 8, you’ll instantly feel a relief of strain and pain in your neck and lower back associated with poor posture.
  • Wear Discreetly: unlike braces and support correctors that you must wear over your clothes, Hempvana Straight 8 can be worn over or under your clothing. There’s no bulking, leaving you to wear it discreetly.
  • Fully Adjustable & Comfortable: thanks to Hempvana Straight 8’s wide and fully adjustable straps, you’ll have a comfortable fit for all-day wear.
  • Woven with Hemp Fiber: other braces or support garments can make you hot and sweaty. Hempvana Straight 8 is woven with moisture-wicking hemp fibers that help keep you cool and dry. Plus, the fibers naturally prevent odors and funky smells.
  • Great for Everyday Wear: whether you’re working at the computer, at the construction site, practicing yoga, or enjoying a walk with your dog at the park, you’ll have great posture wearing Hempvana Straight 8! It’s the ultimate in versatile wear!
  • Easy to Put On: wearing Hempvana Straight 8 is so easy! Simply slide your arms through the straps (the 8 should be on your back), pull the straps to adjust, then fasten the velcro. You’ll start reaping the benefits of great posture immediately.
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