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Smith & Nephew

ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Border Advanced Silver Alginate Dressing for Fragile Skin

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3 x 3 Inch Pad Size 2 x 2 Inch


5 x 5 Inch Pad Size 4 x 4 Inch


3 x 3 Inch Pad Size 2 x 2 Inch


5 x 5 Inch Pad Size 4 x 4 Inch


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  • Skin-Friendly Silver Solution: ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Border Dressings by Smith & Nephew are crafted with a silicone gel adhesive, ensuring gentleness to fragile skin while harnessing the potent antibacterial properties of silver for effective wound management.
  • Rapid Antibacterial Action: Specifically designed for rapid and sustained antibacterial care, this dressing is a trusted solution for exuding chronic wounds, providing comprehensive treatment for various wound types.
  • Versatile Healing: ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Border is versatile and effective, making it suitable for full and partial thickness wounds, decubitus ulcers, diabetic ulcers, over debrided wounds, partial thickness wounds, first and second-degree burns, and donor sites.
  • Gentle and Secure Adhesion: The silicone gel adhesive ensures secure yet gentle adhesion to fragile skin, offering a comfortable and reliable dressing experience for patients with delicate skin conditions.
  • Comprehensive Wound Care:* This dressing provides comprehensive wound care, making it an essential choice for healthcare professionals seeking advanced solutions for a wide range of challenging wounds.

Introducing ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Border - the advanced silver alginate dressing tailored for fragile skin. Manufactured by Smith & Nephew, this dressing combines the skin-friendly attributes of a silicone gel adhesive with the potent antibacterial benefits of silver. Ideal for exuding chronic wounds, decubitus ulcers, and diabetic ulcers, ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Border is a versatile solution for various wound types. Its gentle adhesion makes it perfect for fragile skin, ensuring both comfort and effectiveness in wound care. Trust in ALLEVYN for advanced and comprehensive wound management.