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Ameda Mya Joy Double Electric Breast Pump Efficient and Portable Breastfeeding Companion


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  • Double or Single Pumping: Enjoy the flexibility of double or single electric pumping options, adapting to your comfort and breastfeeding needs.
  • Powerful Suction: Experience up to 250mmHg suction strength, ensuring efficient and comfortable expression of breast milk.
  • True Closed Protection System: The True Closed Protection System prevents breast milk from backing up into the tubing and pump, ensuring hygiene and ease of maintenance.
  • Portable and Rechargeable: The internal rechargeable battery offers two hours of full power on just one charge, providing portability for on-the-go pumping convenience.
  • Comprehensive Kit: The breast pump includes essential accessories such as AC Power Adapter, various flange sizes, valves, tubing, diaphragms, 5 oz. Wide Neck Bottles, locking caps and rings, ensuring you have everything you need for successful pumping.

Introducing the Ameda Mya Joy Double Electric Breast Pump – your efficient and portable breastfeeding companion. This pump offers the flexibility of double or single pumping, providing up to 250mmHg suction strength for comfortable milk expression. The True Closed Protection System ensures hygiene, and the internal rechargeable battery allows two hours of pumping on a single charge, making it perfect for on-the-go moms. The comprehensive kit includes all essential accessories for a seamless pumping experience. Embrace convenience and efficiency with the Ameda Mya Joy Breast Pump.

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