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Amenity Laundry Soap Citrus Highly Concentrated Biodegradable Travel Size, 1.0 fl oz


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  • Highly Concentrated Formula: Our Laundry Soap is powerfully concentrated, ensuring you need only a small amount for effective and efficient cleaning during your travels.
  • Biodegradable Solution: A sustainable choice, this laundry soap is biodegradable, promoting eco-friendly practices wherever your journey takes you.
  • Family-Safe Composition: Crafted with safety in mind, this formulation is suitable for the whole family, providing a reliable and gentle cleaning solution for everyone.
  • Natural Soaps for Freshness: Infused with natural soaps, this laundry detergent leaves your clothes not only clean but also refreshingly scented with a citrus aroma.
  • Convenient Travel Size: The compact 1.0 fl oz size is perfect for travel, making it easy to pack and carry while ensuring your laundry needs are met wherever your adventures lead.

Experience the convenience of Amenity Laundry Soap in a travel-sized package. This highly concentrated formula guarantees efficient cleaning with just a small amount, making it perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. The biodegradable composition reflects our commitment to eco-friendly practices, ensuring your impact on the environment is minimal. Crafted with the whole family in mind, this family-safe laundry soap is both reliable and gentle. Infused with natural soaps, it not only cleans but also leaves your clothes with a delightful citrus scent. Embrace freshness and sustainability with our compact 1.0 fl oz travel-sized Laundry Soap.

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