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Amenity Liquid Soap Aqua Silk Travel Size (1.0 fl oz)


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  • Luxurious Saponification: Crafted by saponifying premium vegetable oils, our Amenity Liquid Soap boasts exceptional emollient and cleaning properties without the use of detergents.
  • Silky Soft Hands: Experience the indulgence of soft hands with every use, as our liquid soap not only cleans but also pampers your skin.
  • Pure Vegan Formula: Embrace a cruelty-free choice with our pure vegan formula, ensuring that your hand care aligns with ethical values.
  • Travel-Ready Clean: Weighing just 1.0 fl oz, this travel-sized liquid soap is your perfect companion for cleanliness on the go, ensuring hygiene and softness wherever you are.
  • Detergent-Free Bliss: Free from detergents, our liquid soap offers a pure and natural cleansing experience, leaving your hands refreshed and delicately scented.
Introducing Aqua Silk, the epitome of hand care in a travel-sized bottle. Our Amenity Liquid Soap, weighing 1.0 fl oz, is meticulously crafted by saponifying high-quality vegetable oils, ensuring a detergent-free, pure vegan formula. Revel in the luxurious emollient properties that make hands soft and the convenience of cleanliness wherever your journey takes you.
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