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Assure Zero Slide Swallowing Aid 500ml Bottle, Raspberry Flavored, Enhanced Tablet and Capsule Swallowing


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  • Effortless Swallowing: Assure Zero Slide Swallowing Aid is designed to make swallowing tablets, capsules, and powders safer and more effortless, enhancing your overall medication experience.
  • Saliva Stimulation: Acting as a carrier, Slide stimulates saliva in the mouth and throat, minimizing the risk of doses getting stuck during swallowing and promoting a smoother process.
  • Slide Zero Formula: The moderately thick Slide Zero variant, sweetened with xylitol, offers a pleasant raspberry taste, making it an enjoyable and user-friendly solution for individuals seeking a comfortable swallowing aid.
  • 500ml Bottle: The convenient 500ml bottle ensures a lasting supply, providing you with a reliable solution for improved medication intake over an extended period.
  • Safety in Every Sip: With Assure Zero Slide, experience a swallowing aid that not only prioritizes safety but also adds a touch of sweetness and ease to your medication routine.

Introducing Assure Zero Slide Swallowing Aid - a game-changer in medication intake. This innovative gel acts as a carrier, stimulating saliva to enhance the swallowing of tablets and capsules. The Slide Zero variant, sweetened with xylitol and boasting a delightful raspberry taste, ensures a pleasant experience. With a 500ml bottle, enjoy a lasting supply of this user-friendly solution designed to make medication swallowing safer, easier, and more enjoyable. Make every sip a step towards effortless medication management with Assure Zero Slide.

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