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Bariatric Heavy Duty Trapeze Robust Support for Enhanced Mobility


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  • Sturdy Design: The Bariatric Heavy Duty Trapeze is built with a robust frame, providing sturdy support for individuals requiring enhanced mobility assistance.
  • Generous Dimensions: With a height of 72", width of 31", and a depth of 51", this trapeze ensures ample space and stability, catering to varying user needs.
  • Optimal Leg Space: The width between legs measures 26", offering optimal leg space and maneuverability for users of different sizes.
  • Extended Boom Length: Featuring an extended boom length of 37", this trapeze provides a wider range of motion, making it ideal for users with diverse mobility requirements.
  • Durable and Portable: Weighing 74 lbs., this heavy-duty trapeze is both durable and portable, allowing for easy relocation and adaptability in different settings.

Introducing the Bariatric Heavy Duty Trapeze—a robust mobility solution designed for enhanced support. With generous dimensions of 72" height, 31" width, and 51" depth, this trapeze provides stability and ample space. The 26" width between legs ensures optimal leg space, accommodating users of various sizes. The extended boom length of 37" widens the range of motion, making it suitable for diverse mobility needs. Weighing 74 lbs., this trapeze combines durability with portability, offering reliable support wherever it's needed. Elevate mobility assistance with the Bariatric Heavy Duty Trapeze.

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