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Betadine Solution Swabsticks Convenient and Effective Antiseptic Application


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  • Non-Staining Formula: Betadine Solution Swabsticks are nonstaining to both skin and natural fabrics, ensuring a mess-free and convenient antiseptic application.
  • Antiseptic Power: Infused with a potent antiseptic solution, these swabsticks provide effective bactericidal and virucidal properties, promoting thorough disinfection.
  • Virtually Non-Stinging: Designed for user comfort, these swabsticks are virtually non-stinging, offering a gentle yet powerful antiseptic solution suitable for various applications.
  • Applicator Tip: The swabsticks feature a specialized applicator tip for precise and targeted application, ensuring thorough coverage and maximum effectiveness.
  • Convenient Packaging: Packaged in sets of 3, with 50 sets per case, Betadine Solution Swabsticks offer a convenient and hygienic solution for antiseptic needs, whether in a medical setting or for personal use.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Betadine Solution Swabsticks - the ideal antiseptic solution. Non-staining to skin and natural fabrics, these swabsticks offer mess-free application. The virtually non-stinging formula ensures user comfort, while the bactericidal and virucidal properties provide thorough disinfection. The specialized applicator tip allows precise application for maximum effectiveness. Conveniently packaged in sets of 3, with 50 sets per case, Betadine Solution Swabsticks are your reliable choice for hygienic and targeted antiseptic use.

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