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BSN Cutimed Epiona Collagen Alginate Dressing Accelerated Healing for Chronic Wounds

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  • Native Collagen Formula: Cutimed Epiona Collagen Alginate Dressing boasts a composition of ninety percent bovine collagen, closely resembling human collagen, facilitating effective wound healing.
  • Advanced Wound Environment: The inclusion of ten percent calcium alginate enhances the wound healing environment by absorbing exudate, bacteria, and debris, creating an optimal setting for recovery.
  • Stalled or Chronic Wounds: Specifically designed to jump-start healing on stalled or chronic wounds, this dressing promotes tissue granulation and epithelialization for accelerated recovery.
  • Enhanced Absorption: The alginate component not only aids in creating a better healing environment but also contributes to enhanced absorption of exudate, promoting a clean and hygienic wound bed.
  • Holistic Healing: Cutimed Epiona Collagen Alginate Dressing works holistically to support the healing process, making it a valuable choice for addressing chronic wounds and facilitating improved tissue regeneration.

Experience accelerated healing with BSN Cutimed Epiona Collagen Alginate Dressing. Boasting a unique composition of native collagen and calcium alginate, this dressing is designed for stalled or chronic wounds. The advanced formula closely mimics human collagen, creating an optimal environment for tissue granulation and epithelialization. The dressing's ability to absorb exudate, bacteria, and debris contributes to a clean and hygienic wound bed, supporting holistic wound healing. Choose Cutimed Epiona for effective and specialized care for chronic wounds.