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CareMates Powder-Free Latex Examination Gloves X-Large Size (Box of 100) Consistent Fit, Flexible, and Resilient for Infection Control

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  • Premium Latex Material: CareMates Powder-Free Latex Examination Gloves are made from premium latex, providing a high-quality and consistent fit for reliable infection control.
  • X-Large Size Fit: Tailored for an X-Large size fit, these gloves offer ample coverage and a consistent fit, ensuring flexibility and resilience for various applications.
  • Powder-Free Formula: Designed to be powder-free, these gloves eliminate the risk of powder-related allergies, offering a safe and comfortable solution for individuals with sensitivities.
  • Flexible and Resilient: With a flexible and resilient nature, these gloves fit either hand, providing ease of movement and dexterity during examinations or procedures.
  • Exceeds ASTM Standards: Exceeding ASTM standards for infection control devices, these gloves prioritize safety, ensuring protection for both wearers and subjects in non-sterile, single-use applications.

Elevate your infection control practices with CareMates Powder-Free Latex Examination Gloves in X-Large size. Crafted from premium latex, these gloves offer a consistent fit, flexibility, and resilience for reliable protection. The powder-free formula ensures safety for individuals with sensitivities. Tailored for an X-Large size fit, they provide ample coverage and ease of movement. Exceeding ASTM standards, these gloves are designed to protect both wearers and subjects in various non-sterile, single-use applications. Trust CareMates for top-quality latex examination gloves that prioritize safety and performance.