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Carex Sitz Bath Ideal for Hemorrhoid Treatment, Anal and Genital Care, Fits Standard Toilets


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  • Hemorrhoid Treatment: Carex Sitz Bath is specifically designed for effective treatment of hemorrhoids and other anal and genital conditions, offering relief and comfort.
  • Post-Episiotomy Care: Ideal for post-episiotomy care, this sitz bath provides soothing relief to the anal and genital areas, promoting healing and comfort.
  • Comfortable Design: The sitz bath features wide contoured edges for maximum comfort during use, ensuring a pleasant experience for users.
  • On/Off Flow Control Clip: Equipped with a convenient on/off flow control clip, the Carex Sitz Bath allows users to manage water flow easily, enhancing convenience and usability.
  • Universal Fit: Designed to fit standard toilets, this sitz bath offers a universal solution for individuals seeking targeted care for anal and genital areas.

Carex Sitz Bath is your go-to solution for hemorrhoid treatment and post-episiotomy care. Specifically designed for the anal and genital areas, this sitz bath features wide contoured edges for enhanced comfort. With a convenient on/off flow control clip and compatibility with standard toilets, it provides a user-friendly experience. The 60-inch no-kink tubing ensures easy setup and flexibility during use. Experience soothing relief and effective care with the Carex Sitz Bath, tailored for targeted comfort and healing in the comfort of your home.

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