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Milliken Healthcare

CoFlex NL Bandage Wrap Latex Free by Milliken Healthcare - Self-Adhering and Versatile Cohesive Bandage

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2" x 5yds Color Pack

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  • Patented Self-Adhering Technology: CoFlex NL Cohesive Bandages feature patented technology for self-adhering application, eliminating the need for additional adhesives and providing convenience during use.
  • Variety of Colors and Widths: Available in multi-color packs, as well as tan or light blue, and offered in various widths, CoFlex NL is versatile for use on both adult and pediatric patients, catering to diverse medical needs.
  • Versatile Applications: Commonly used for securing bandages after blood draws, holding IVs in place, and providing compression after sprains and strains, making it a versatile and essential medical tape.
  • High Tensile Strength: With a 12-pound tensile strength, CoFlex NL offers controlled compression without restricting movement, ensuring effective support during various medical procedures.
  • EasyTear Technology: Featuring patented EasyTear technology, this cohesive bandage allows for quick and effortless tearing without the need for scissors, enhancing efficiency in medical settings.

Discover the versatility and convenience of CoFlex NL Bandage Wrap Latex Free by Milliken Healthcare. With patented self-adhering technology, this cohesive bandage eliminates the need for additional adhesives, offering convenience during application. Available in various colors and widths for diverse patient needs, CoFlex NL is commonly used for securing bandages, holding IVs, and providing compression after injuries. With a 12-pound tensile strength and EasyTear technology, it ensures controlled compression without restricting movement, enhancing efficiency in medical procedures. Trust CoFlex NL for reliable and versatile cohesive bandaging.