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Coloplast Assura Urostomy Pouch With 3/8-2¾ Inch Stoma Opening - 2PC EasiClose Drain System (5/BX)


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  • Versatile Stoma Compatibility: The Coloplast Assura Urostomy Pouch accommodates stoma openings from 3/8 to 2¾ inches, offering versatility and a personalized fit for enhanced comfort.
  • Comprehensive Drain System: The 2PC EasiClose Drain System ensures efficient drainage, providing convenience and ease of use for urostomy care.
  • Barrier Not Included: Note that the two-piece system does not come with a barrier, allowing users to choose and customize the barrier based on individual preferences and needs.
  • Stoma Measuring Guide: Included stoma measuring guide assists users in obtaining accurate measurements, facilitating the selection of the appropriate pouch size for a secure fit.
  • Assura AC Standard Wear Barrier: The Assura AC Standard Wear Barrier, available separately, ensures reliable adherence and a comfortable seal for extended wear.

Discover comfort and convenience with the Coloplast Assura Urostomy Pouch featuring a 3/8-2¾ Inch Stoma Opening. The 2PC EasiClose Drain System offers efficient drainage for urostomy care. Please note that the two-piece system does not come with a barrier, providing flexibility for individual preferences. Utilize the stoma measuring guide for accurate sizing, and pair with the Assura AC Standard Wear Barrier (sold separately) for reliable adherence. Packaged in sets of 5 (BX), this pouch includes EasiClose Outlet/Filter for a complete urostomy care solution.

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