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Coloplast Mentor Freedom Cath External Condom Catheter

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Small 23mm Blue

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Medium 28mm Red

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Large 35mm Gold

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  • Comfortable & Convenient: Mentor Freedom Cath External Condom Catheters provide a comfortable and convenient solution for male external catheterization, eliminating the need for tape or messy adhesives.
  • Self-Adhering Design: The catheters feature a self-adhering surface, ensuring a secure fit without the hassle of additional adhesives, offering ease of application.
  • Color-Coded Sizes: Available in four color-coded sizes, these catheters cater to individual needs, allowing users to choose the perfect fit for enhanced comfort and reliability.
  • Water-Tight Seal: The self-adhering design creates a water-tight seal, minimizing the risk of leaks and providing users with confidence and peace of mind throughout use.
  • Overflow Control: The unique bulb shape of the catheter helps control overflow, preventing leaks caused by overfilling and enhancing overall reliability.

Experience comfort and convenience with Coloplast's Mentor Freedom Cath External Condom Catheter. Designed for easy use, these catheters feature a self-adhering surface, eliminating the need for tapes or messy adhesives. With four color-coded sizes, users can choose the perfect fit, ensuring enhanced comfort and reliability. The self-adhering design creates a water-tight seal, preventing leaks, while the unique bulb shape helps control overflow for added confidence during use. Simplify male external catheterization with the reliable and user-friendly Mentor Freedom Cath.