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Coloplast Self Cath Closed Catheter System Kit Hassle-Free, Sterile Intermittent Catheterization

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  • Complete Protection: A self-contained intermittent catheter system, securely shielded within its closed sterile field, ensuring optimal hygiene and safety.
  • Pre-lubricated Precision: Featuring a pre-lubricated tip for smooth insertion, reducing infection risks and enhancing overall comfort during catheterization.
  • Guided Insertion Technology: Equipped with a catheter guide that facilitates controlled insertion, minimizing potential discomfort and irritation for users.
  • Extended Convenience: The integrated extension sleeve sets this kit apart, reducing the need for frequent transfers and offering prolonged wear time between catheter changes.
  • Effortless Catheterization: Uncomplicate your catheterization routine with the Coloplast Self Cath Closed Catheter System Kit, delivering a comprehensive solution for user-friendly and reliable intermittent catheterization.

Discover unparalleled convenience and hygiene with the Coloplast Self Cath Closed Catheter System Kit. This self-contained intermittent catheter system is equipped with a pre-lubricated tip and catheter guide for ease of use and reduced infection risks. What sets it apart is the integrated extension sleeve, minimizing the frequency of transfers and maximizing wear time between catheter changes. Simplify your catheterization routine with this advanced and user-friendly solution.