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Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holder Adult (10/Box) - Secure and Comfortable Neckband Design


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  • Optimal Security: The Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holder ensures optimal security with a snug fit, accommodating cough reflex and edema.
  • Cough Reflex Accommodation: Specially designed stretch material allows for the natural cough reflex, ensuring patient comfort and safety.
  • Moisture Repellant: Featuring an exclusive moisture-repellant neckband lining, this holder minimizes moisture absorption, reducing the risk of skin breakdown.
  • Comfortable Design: The holder is crafted for comfort, providing a secure fit without compromising the patient's comfort and well-being.
  • Pack of 10: Each box includes 10 tracheostomy tube holders, offering a convenient and ample supply for healthcare settings.

Ensure optimal patient comfort and security with the Dale Tracheostomy Tube Holder. Designed for adults, this holder features stretch material for cough reflex accommodation and edema, providing a snug yet comfortable fit. The exclusive moisture-repellant neckband lining reduces the risk of skin breakdown by minimizing moisture absorption. In each box, you receive 10 holders, offering a convenient and ample supply for healthcare professionals. Prioritize patient comfort and security with this reliable tracheostomy tube holder.

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