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Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Full-Electric Bed with Full Rails 36"x80" Universal Comfort and Safety

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Therapeutic 5 Zone Support Mattress

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  • Universal Compatibility: The Delta 1000 bed frame is truly universal, compatible with Drive's and most other manufacturers’ bed ends, old and new, providing versatility in bed customization.
  • Interchangeable Design: The transition box mounted on the foot section ensures interchangeability, allowing you to change the rotation of the high/low shaft for a personalized sleeping experience.
  • Elegant Home Decor Fit: The headboard is taller than the footboard, providing a visually pleasing design that seamlessly fits into various home decors.
  • Durable and Scratch-Resistant: Wood grain panels are break and scratch-resistant, maintaining the bed's aesthetic appeal over time.
  • Safe and Easy Deliveries: The foot section weighs 50% less than conventional foot sections, making deliveries safe and easy without compromising on durability.
Experience universal comfort and safety with the Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Full-Electric Bed. The bed frame's universal compatibility allows it to be used with Drive's and most other manufacturers' bed ends, offering versatile customization. The interchangeable design with a transition box provides flexibility in adjusting the rotation of the high/low shaft. With a taller headboard for an elegant home decor fit, scratch-resistant wood grain panels, and a lightweight yet durable foot section, this bed combines style and functionality. Ensure a peaceful night's sleep with the Delta Ultra-Light 1000 Full-Electric Bed, designed for comfort, safety, and convenience.