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DermaDress Waterproof Composite Dressing 4 x 14 Inch, Sterile Multi-Layered Solution (10/BX)


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  • Waterproof and Sterile: DermaDress Waterproof Composite Dressing is a sterile, multi-layered solution that ensures optimal wound care. Its waterproof design adds an extra layer of protection.
  • Moist Wound Environment: A non-woven adhesive tape secures the dressing, maintaining a moist wound environment essential for effective and accelerated healing.
  • Semi-Occlusive Protection: The semi-occlusive layer serves as a barrier, preventing external contamination and providing an extra layer of protection for the wound.
  • Low-Adherent Contact Layer: DermaDress features a low-adherent contact layer that protects the wound, minimizing pain and trauma during dressing changes, ensuring a gentle and comfortable experience for the patient.
  • Versatile Size and Packaging: Sized at 4 x 14 Inch and available in a box of 10, DermaDress Waterproof Composite Dressing offers versatility and convenience for wound management needs.

Experience advanced wound care with DermaDress Waterproof Composite Dressing, a sterile and waterproof solution available in a box of 10. This multi-layered dressing features a non-woven adhesive tape for secure placement, maintaining a crucial moist wound environment for optimal healing. The semi-occlusive layer adds an extra shield against external contamination, while the low-adherent contact layer protects the wound, ensuring a pain-free and gentle dressing change experience. Sized at 4 x 14 Inch, DermaDress is versatile and practical for various wound sizes. Prioritize patient comfort and effective wound care with this reliable dressing.

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