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DermaFilm Sacral Hydrocolloid Dressing 6 x 7 Inch - Comfortable, Conformable, and Supportive of Moist Wound Healing (5/Box)


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  • Extended Wear Time: The DermaFilmSacral Hydrocolloid Dressing is designed for extended wear, providing comfort and support for several days, depending on wound conditions.
  • Comfortable and Conformable: This dressing offers a comfortable and conformable fit, ensuring patient comfort while adapting to the wound site.
  • Mild Adhesive: The mild adhesive surface adheres to periwound skin without sticking to the wound bed, facilitating easy and painless removal.
  • Thermal Insulation: Providing thermal insulation and protection, this dressing creates an optimal environment for the wound healing process.
  • Promotes Moist Wound Healing: Supportive of moist wound healing and autolytic debridement, this hydrocolloid dressing promotes a conducive environment for the natural healing process.

Experience optimal wound care with DermaFilm Sacral Hydrocolloid Dressing. Sized at 6 x 7 inches and conveniently packed in boxes of 5, this dressing offers extended wear time, adapting comfortably to the wound site. The mild adhesive ensures painless removal, adhering to periwound skin without sticking to the wound bed. Providing thermal insulation and supporting moist wound healing, this hydrocolloid dressing is a reliable choice for advanced wound care.

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