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DermaKlenz Wound Cleanser by DermaRite - Gentle and Effective pH Balanced Formula with Zinc

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  • pH Balanced Perfection: DermaKlenz boasts a non-irritation, pH balanced formula, ensuring gentle yet effective wound cleansing without causing discomfort.
  • Convenient Spray Bottle: Packaged in a handy spray bottle, DermaKlenz offers user-friendly application. The attached spray nozzle provides a direct stream or mist, adapting to your wound-cleansing needs.
  • Precision in Cleaning: The adjustable nozzle not only offers a choice between a direct stream and gentle mist but also maintains the appropriate psi, facilitating the removal of organic material, blood clots, slough, and debris without disrupting the wound bed.
  • No Irrigation Set Needed: DermaKlenz simplifies wound care by eliminating the need for an additional irrigation set. Its all-in-one design streamlines the cleansing process for user convenience.
  • Healing Boost with Zinc: Formulated with zinc, DermaKlenz goes beyond cleansing by promoting healing, making it an essential component in your wound care routine.

DermaKlenz Wound Cleanser by DermaRite delivers a perfect balance of effectiveness and gentleness with its pH balanced formula. Packed in a convenient spray bottle, the adjustable nozzle ensures precise cleansing without disrupting the wound bed. No additional irrigation set is needed, simplifying the process. With the added healing power of zinc, DermaKlenz is your go-to solution for thorough and comfortable wound care.