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DermaRite Adhesive Dressing White Sterile Square Bordered Gauze, Ideal for Primary or Secondary Dressing (Pack of 10)


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  • Versatile Dressing: DermaRite Adhesive Dressing is ideal for daily use, serving as both a primary and secondary dressing for various wound types.
  • Bordered Gauze Design: The dressing features a bordered gauze design with three layers - a low adherent layer for wound protection, an absorbent gauze layer for exudate absorption, and a non-woven adhesive tape for secure placement and a moist wound environment.
  • Absorptive Function: The absorbent gauze layer efficiently manages exudate, promoting a clean and healing environment for wounds.
  • Conforms to Wound Sites: This dressing easily conforms to challenging wound sites, ensuring a secure fit and optimal coverage.
  • Soft and Flexible: Crafted to be soft and flexible, the DermaRite Adhesive Dressing provides comfort while maintaining wound care effectiveness.

DermaRite Adhesive Dressing in a pack of 10 is a versatile wound care solution. Featuring a bordered gauze design with three layers, it serves as an absorptive dressing suitable for both primary and secondary use. The non-woven adhesive tape ensures secure placement and maintains a moist wound environment for optimal healing. With its ability to conform to challenging wound sites, this dressing is soft, flexible, and efficient in managing exudate. Prioritize effective wound care with DermaRite Adhesive Dressing.

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