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DermAssist Vinyl Exam Gloves Medium Size Non-Sterile Standard (Box of 100) - DEHP-Free Protection


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  • DEHP-Free Formula: DermAssist Vinyl Exam Gloves are crafted with a DEHP-free formula, ensuring a safe and reliable barrier for medical use.
  • Soft and Comfortable: These gloves prioritize comfort, offering a soft and comfortable fit for prolonged use without sacrificing protection.
  • Effective Pathogen Barrier: DermAssist gloves serve as an effective barrier to biological pathogens, providing peace of mind in medical and exam settings.
  • Medium Size Fit: Tailored for a medium size fit, these gloves offer a snug and secure feel, ensuring flexibility and dexterity during examinations or procedures.
  • Box of 100: Each box contains 100 gloves, providing a convenient and ample supply for medical professionals, practitioners, and individuals in need of protection.

Ensure optimal protection with DermAssist Vinyl Exam Gloves in Medium Size. This non-sterile standard set of 100 gloves is crafted with a DEHP-free formula, offering a safe and effective barrier against biological pathogens. The gloves are soft, comfortable, and tailored for a medium-size fit, ensuring flexibility and dexterity during medical examinations. DermAssist prioritizes your safety and comfort, making these gloves an ideal choice for medical professionals and individuals alike.

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