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Drive Non-Tilt Overbed Table Adjustable Height Range and Secure Tabletop for Ultimate Convenience

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  • Customizable Height Range: The Drive Non-Tilt Overbed Table offers an adjustable height range between 28 to 45 inches, providing personalized comfort for various users and situations.
  • Secure Tabletop Locking Mechanism: The tabletop is securely locked in place when the height adjustment handle is released, ensuring stability and safety during use.
  • Infinite Position Adjustment: With the ability to be raised or lowered in infinite positions, this overbed table offers unmatched flexibility to meet individual preferences and needs.
  • Robust Weight Capacity: Capable of holding up to 40 lbs., this overbed table provides a sturdy surface for a range of items, making it a reliable companion for various activities.
  • Elegant Walnut Wood Grain Design: Featuring a walnut wood grain low-pressure laminate top, the overbed table combines functionality with a touch of sophistication, enhancing the aesthetics of any space.

Discover the Drive Non-Tilt Overbed Table, a versatile solution for customizable convenience. With an adjustable height range between 28 to 45 inches, this table accommodates various needs. The secure tabletop locking mechanism ensures stability, while the infinite position adjustment allows for tailored positioning. Boasting a robust weight capacity of 40 lbs., it provides a reliable surface for diverse activities. The elegant walnut wood grain design adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. Elevate your overbed experience with the Drive Non-Tilt Overbed Table.