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Dual USB Apple Certified FIFO COLORS USB Car Charger Made for iPod, iPhone, and iPad - 4FT Long

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  • Certified for Apple Devices: The Dual USB Apple Certified FIFO COLORS USB Car Charger is specifically designed and certified for use with iPod, iPhone, and iPad, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance.
  • Dual USB Ports: Charge two devices simultaneously with the convenience of dual USB ports, providing efficient and rapid charging for your Apple devices on the go.
  • Extended 4FT Length: Enjoy an extended 4-foot cable, offering flexibility and convenience in your car. Reach both front and backseat passengers with ease while keeping your devices charged.
  • Reliable Charging: This car charger provides reliable charging for your Apple devices, delivering the power they need to stay functional and connected during your travels.
  • FIFO COLORS Design: Infuse style into your car charging setup with the vibrant colors of FIFO COLORS. The sleek design adds a touch of personality to your mobile charging experience.

Stay connected on the road with the Dual USB Apple Certified FIFO COLORS USB Car Charger. Designed specifically for iPod, iPhone, and iPad, this car charger ensures optimal compatibility and performance. With dual USB ports, an extended 4-foot cable, and reliable charging capabilities, it is the perfect solution for on-the-go power. The vibrant FIFO COLORS design adds a stylish touch to your car charging experience. Keep your Apple devices charged and ready during your journeys with this certified and stylish car charger.