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Dukal Transparent Medical Tape - 1 Inch x 10 Yard (BX/12) Clear, Perforated High-Quality Adhesive Tap

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  • High-Quality Clear Tape: Dukal Transparent Medical Tape is a high-quality porous clear tape designed for various medical applications, ensuring reliable adhesion and visibility.
  • Perforated for Easy Tearing: This clear tape is perforated, allowing easy tearing in both directions for convenient and efficient application without the need for scissors.
  • Conforms and Stretches: The tape conforms and stretches to accommodate movement, providing a secure and comfortable fit for patients while maintaining effective adhesion.
  • Versatile Medical Use: Excellent for I.V. sites, dressings, and tubing retention, this transparent medical tape offers versatile application in healthcare settings.
  • Bulk Packaging for Convenience: Packaged in boxes of 12, this Dukal Transparent Medical Tape provides a bulk supply, ensuring healthcare professionals have an ample quantity readily available for various patient needs.

Experience the reliability of Dukal Transparent Medical Tape, a clear and perforated adhesive tape measuring 1 inch by 10 yards, conveniently packaged in a box of 12. This high-quality tape is designed for versatility, conforming and stretching to accommodate movement while providing excellent adhesion for I.V. sites, dressings, and tubing retention. The perforated design allows for easy tearing in both directions, making it a practical choice for healthcare professionals. Elevate your medical tape needs with the convenience and quality of Dukal Transparent Medical Tape.