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Duocal Unflavored 14 oz. Can Powder High-Calorie, Protein-Free Nutritional Supplement


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  • Versatile Nutritional Boost: Duocal is a high-calorie, protein-free powder that seamlessly integrates into both sweet and savory foods and drinks, providing a versatile nutritional boost.
  • Calorically Dense Formula: Each scoop of Duocal delivers 25 kcal, making it a powerful and efficient way to add calories to your child's diet without compromising taste or texture.
  • Ideal for Cooking: Beyond beverages, Duocal is suitable for cooking, allowing you to enhance the nutritional content of various recipes without altering the original flavor or consistency.
  • Taste-Neutral Addition: Designed to be unflavored, Duocal ensures that when added to foods and beverages, it maintains their original taste and texture, making it a seamless addition to your child's diet.
  • Protein Inclusion: While being protein-free, Duocal provides an additional protein source, making it a valuable supplement for individuals requiring more calories without compromising on essential nutrients.

Introducing Duocal Unflavored 14 oz. Can Powder, a high-calorie, protein-free nutritional supplement designed to seamlessly integrate into various foods and beverages. With a calorically dense formula, each scoop provides 25 kcal without altering taste or texture. Ideal for cooking and suitable for both sweet and savory options, Duocal ensures a versatile nutritional boost for individuals requiring additional calories. Its unflavored nature maintains the original taste, and it even includes protein for a comprehensive dietary supplement. Elevate your nutritional intake effortlessly with Duocal.

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