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DuoDERM Hydroactive Sterile Gel - Optimal Moist Wound Healing with Unique Hydrocolloid Formulation

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  • Preservative-Free Hydrogel: DuoDERM Hydroactive Sterile Gel offers a clear, preservative-free hydrogel formula, creating an optimal moist wound healing environment without the use of added preservatives.
  • Versatile Indication: Unlike typical hydrocolloid dressings, this hydrogel is uniquely formulated for both partial and full-thickness wounds, providing versatility in wound care applications.
  • Effective Cavity Filler: Ideal for dry cavity wounds, the viscous hydrogel serves as an effective filler, promoting a comfortable and sterile environment conducive to optimal wound healing.
  • Skin-Friendly Formula: While other hydrocolloid dressings may cause skin irritation or inflammation, DuoDERM's preservative-free hydrogel is gentle on the skin and can be used by a variety of patients without adverse reactions.
  • Comfortable Healing Experience: DuoDERM Hydroactive Sterile Gel ensures a comfortable healing experience, offering a soothing and sterile solution for patients requiring advanced wound care.

Discover optimal moist wound healing with DuoDERM Hydroactive Sterile Gel. Unlike traditional hydrocolloid dressings, this preservative-free hydrogel features a unique formulation suitable for both partial and full-thickness wounds. It effectively fills dry cavity wounds, creating a sterile and comfortable environment for accelerated healing. Gentle on the skin, DuoDERM ensures a comfortable and irritation-free experience for a variety of patients seeking advanced wound care solutions