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Mead Johnson

Enfamil NeuroPro 20.7 oz. Canister Powder Advanced Nutrition for Infant Brain Development

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  • Expert-Recommended Omega 3 DHA: Enfamil NeuroPro is enriched with Omega 3 DHA in amounts recommended by experts, supporting crucial brain development during the early stages of infancy.
  • Comprehensive Nutrition: Packed with essential nutrients, this formula ensures a well-rounded and complete diet for your baby, contributing to their overall growth and well-being.
  • Brain-Nourishing Formula: The NeuroPro formula is specifically designed to nourish your baby's developing brain, providing the foundational support needed for cognitive development.
  • Easy-to-Mix Powder: The convenient 20.7 oz. canister offers easy-to-mix powder, allowing parents to prepare each feeding with accuracy and consistency for their baby's nutritional needs.
  • Trusted Infant Nutrition: Enfamil NeuroPro is a trusted choice for infant nutrition, offering a scientifically formulated blend to support the unique requirements of growing babies.

Enfamil NeuroPro 20.7 oz. Canister Powder provides advanced nutrition for infant brain development. With expert-recommended Omega 3 DHA and a blend of essential nutrients, this formula supports crucial cognitive growth. The brain-nourishing formula is easy to mix, offering convenience for parents while ensuring accurate preparation. Trust in Enfamil NeuroPro, a scientifically formulated choice for comprehensive infant nutrition, providing the foundational support your baby needs for a healthy start in life.