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Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump Kit Lightweight, Portable, and Efficient Breastfeeding Companion

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  • Lightweight and Portable: The Evenflo Advanced Breast Pump is designed to be lightweight and portable, featuring a quiet "Hush" motor for discreet pumping anywhere you go.
  • Independent Speed and Suction Controls: Maximize your milk output with independent speed and suction controls, allowing you to customize your pumping experience for optimal comfort and efficiency.
  • Multiple Flange Sizes: Included multiple flange sizes provide a comfortable and gentle pumping experience, promoting increased milk flow and overall ease.
  • Unique Angled Flanges: The uniquely angled flanges feature a slouch-free design, helping eliminate back and shoulder aches during pumping sessions for enhanced comfort.
  • Multiple Milk Releases: The controls are strategically designed to facilitate multiple milk releases (letdowns), ensuring you get the most milk out of each pumping session.

Experience the Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump Kit, a lightweight, portable, and efficient breastfeeding companion. The "Hush" motor allows for discreet pumping, and independent speed and suction controls maximize your milk output. With multiple flange sizes and unique angled flanges, this breast pump prioritizes comfort and gentle milk expression. The controls are designed for multiple milk releases, ensuring an effective pumping session every time. Simplify your pumping process with interchangeable parts and enjoy a convenient breastfeeding journey with the Evenflo Advanced Breast Pump. (Non-retail packaging)