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FabLife Deluxe Handi-Reacher Full Grip 24" for Easy Reach and Retrieval


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  • Full Grip Design: The FabLife Deluxe Handi-Reacher features a 24" full grip for easy and secure handling, ensuring a comfortable and effective reach.
  • Multi-Functional Design: This reacher includes a magnet for picking up metal objects and a dressing aid hook, providing versatile functionality for various daily tasks.
  • Ergonomic Trigger: With an ergonomic trigger designed to be operated with the whole hand, this lightweight reacher ensures minimal effort for enhanced user comfort.
  • Twist-Resistant Frame: The reacher's frame is engineered to resist twisting and bending, ensuring durability and longevity for consistent and reliable use.
  • Wired-Driven Jaws: Constructed with wired-driven jaws, this reacher provides a secure and stable grip on objects, enhancing precision and control during use.

Introducing the FabLife Deluxe Handi-Reacher - your reliable companion for easy reach and retrieval. With a full grip design of 24 inches, this lightweight reacher ensures comfortable handling. The multi-functional features include a magnet for metal object retrieval and a dressing aid hook for added convenience. Operate the reacher effortlessly with the ergonomic trigger, designed for whole-hand operation. The twist-resistant frame and wired-driven jaws guarantee durability and a secure grip. Elevate your daily tasks with the versatile and user-friendly FabLife Deluxe Handi-Reacher.

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