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Fast Fountain by Pocket Hose

Fast Fountain Solar Powered by Pocket Hose Transform Your Outdoor Space with Eco-Friendly Elegance

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  • Solar-Powered Magic: Experience the enchantment of a solar-powered water fountain with Fast Fountain by Pocket Hose, eliminating the need for batteries or electricity.
  • Effortless Installation: Simply place Fast Fountain in your desired location, and let the sun work its magic. No complicated setup – just relaxation in seconds!
  • Versatile Spray Patterns: Customize your water feature with 6 interchangeable nozzles, offering a variety of spray patterns for a truly unique and captivating outdoor display.
  • Maximum Spray Height: Reach new heights of tranquility with a max spray height of 30-40 cm, making Fast Fountain perfect for birdbaths, small ponds, pools, and more.
  • Floats on Water: Fast Fountain effortlessly floats on the water's surface, adding an elegant touch to your outdoor oasis. Embrace nature with this eco-friendly solution.

Introducing Fast Fountain Solar Powered by Pocket Hose – the simple and eco-friendly way to enhance your outdoor space with a mesmerizing water feature. Powered solely by the sun, this fountain installs in seconds, offering 6 nozzle settings for customizable spray patterns. Transform birdbaths, ponds, and pools into tranquil retreats without the hassle of batteries or electricity. Embrace the beauty of nature with Fast Fountain!