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FORA IR42 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer One-Touch Precision for Rapid and Accurate Results


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  • One-Touch Measurement: Enjoy the ease of one-touch measurement with the FORA IR42, providing fast and accurate results in just one second, streamlining the temperature-checking process.
  • Data Storage Capability: The thermometer features data storage, with memory for up to 30 readings, ensuring convenient and easy recall of temperature history for monitoring trends.
  • Fever Indicator: Equipped with a fever indicator, the FORA IR42 includes a high-temperature alarm with a distinctive red backlight, providing an immediate visual alert for heightened temperature levels.
  • Non-Contact Technology: Utilizing non-contact technology, this thermometer ensures a hygienic and safe measurement experience, eliminating the need for physical contact and minimizing cross-contamination risks.
  • Versatile and User-Friendly: With its rapid one-second measurement, memory storage, fever indicator, and non-contact design, the FORA IR42 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer is a versatile and user-friendly tool for accurate temperature monitoring.

Experience the efficiency and precision of the FORA IR42 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer. With one-touch measurement, this thermometer delivers rapid and accurate results in just one second. The memory function stores up to 30 readings for easy recall, providing a comprehensive temperature history. The fever indicator, coupled with a red backlight, ensures quick identification of elevated temperatures. Incorporating non-contact technology for a hygienic experience, this thermometer is versatile and user-friendly, making it an essential tool for accurate temperature monitoring in various settings.

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