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Functional Formularies Keto Peptide Flavored Liquid - 8 oz. Pouch Organic Keto Feeding Tube Formula with Peptides

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  • Organic Keto Formula: Immerse yourself in the world of organic keto nutrition with Functional Formularies Keto Peptide. This flavored liquid, conveniently packaged in an 8 oz. pouch, serves as both a feeding tube formula and a meal replacement.
  • Certified Organic Whole Foods: Crafted from 12 certified organic whole food, plant-based ingredients, this formula delivers a robust 610 calories. Enjoy the nourishment derived from premium, wholesome sources.
  • Perfect Keto Ratio: Formulated with precision, it follows a perfectly balanced Keto Ratio of 84% fat, 4% carbs, and 12% protein, ensuring an authentic ketogenic experience.
  • Enhanced Digestion with Peptides: Experience enhanced digestion and maximum nourishment with the incorporation of peptides, contributing to the formula's efficacy.
  • Complimentary Recipe Book: Unlock culinary creativity with the included recipe book, featuring 18 delicious and balanced keto recipes to complement your keto lifestyle.

Discover the world of keto nutrition with Functional Formularies Keto Peptide Flavored Liquid. This 8 oz. pouch holds an organic, whole-foods-based ketogenic feeding tube formula and meal replacement. With 610 calories derived from 12 certified organic ingredients, it follows a perfectly balanced Keto Ratio (84% fat, 4% carbs, 12% protein). Utilizing peptides for enhanced digestion, this formula comes with a complimentary recipe book, offering 18 delicious keto recipes. While not intended as a sole source of nutrition, it is an excellent addition to your ketogenic diet. Consult your medical team for precise nutrient level considerations.