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GelRite Hand Sanitizer - 4 oz. Ethyl Alcohol Gel Bottle with Pump (65%) and Vitamin E

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  • Powerful Germ Elimination: GelRite Hand Sanitizer with 65% ethyl alcohol kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, ensuring a highly effective defense against germs.
  • Vitamin E Enriched: Infused with Vitamin E, this hand sanitizer not only protects against bacteria but also nourishes and cares for your skin, leaving it feeling soft and healthy.
  • Convenient Pump Dispenser: The 4 oz. bottle features a pump for easy and precise application, making GelRite a convenient and user-friendly choice.
  • Quick-Drying Formula: The gel formula dries quickly, providing rapid protection without leaving any sticky residue on your hands.
  • Portable Size: With a 4 oz. size, GelRite is perfect for on-the-go use, fitting easily into pockets or bags, ensuring you have reliable hand hygiene wherever you are.

Experience the exceptional power of GelRite Hand Sanitizer in a convenient 4 oz. ethyl alcohol gel bottle with pump. This sanitizer, enriched with Vitamin E and featuring 65% ethyl alcohol, effectively eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria. The quick-drying formula leaves no sticky residue, ensuring a comfortable application. With its portable size and convenient pump dispenser, GelRite is the ideal choice for on-the-go hand hygiene, providing both protection and nourishment for your skin.