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Granitestone Blue Frying Pan Ultra Durable Mineral and Diamond Triple Coated

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  • Healthy Cooking Experience: The Granite Stone Blue Frying Pan offers a healthy and non-toxic cooking experience. Derived from minerals and reinforced with diamonds, this pan is free of PFOA, PFOS, lead, and cadmium, ensuring your meals are prepared with safety in mind.
  • Ultimate Non-Stick Performance: The nonstick cooking surface is coated three times and reinforced with diamonds, delivering the ultimate food release. Enjoy hassle-free cooking without the need for oil or butter, promoting healthier eating habits and providing effortless 1-2-3 cleanup.
  • Super Durable Construction: Infused with diamonds, the strongest material on earth, the pan's coating is super durable. It withstands metal utensils, spatulas, spoons, whisks, and even electric beaters, ensuring years of outstanding nonstick use without compromising performance.
  • Granite Stone Blue Design: Introducing the Granite Stone Classic Blue Collection for 2020, this frying pan combines our award-winning nonstick coating with a stunning new classic blue design. Upgraded with professional handles and infused with diamonds, it's designed for long-lasting use with a touch of elegance.
  • Effortless Cleanup, Dishwasher Safe: Spend less time on cleanup! After cooking and prepping, simply place the cookware in the dishwasher for quick and easy cleanup, making

Elevate your cooking with the Granitestone Blue Frying Pan, featuring ultra-durable mineral and diamond triple coating. This pan ensures a healthy and non-toxic cooking experience, free of harmful substances. With ultimate non-stick performance, super durable construction, and a stylish Granite Stone Blue design, it's the perfect addition to your kitchen. Effortless cleanup is guaranteed, as this pan is dishwasher safe, allowing you to enjoy cooking without the worry of a lengthy cleanup process. Experience culinary excellence with this innovative and elegant frying pan.