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Gravity Feeding Bag Set - AMSure 1200 mL Bag with ENFit Connector and Transitional Adapter: Safe and Convenient Enteral Nutrition Delivery

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  • Enhanced Safety: AMSure DEHP-free enteral gravity feeding sets with ENFit and pre-attached transition connectors eliminate the risks associated with toxic plasticizers, ensuring optimal patient safety.
  • Patient-Focused Design: The built-in ice pouch maintains contents at a desired temperature, promoting patient comfort during enteral nutrition delivery.
  • Convenient Patient Documentation: Featuring a patient label, this gravity feeding bag set allows for easy and convenient documentation, streamlining the caregiver's workflow.
  • ENFit Connector: The inclusion of the ENFit connector ensures compatibility and standardized connections for seamless integration with enteral feeding systems.
  • Large Bore Tubing: Equipped with large bore tubing, this set facilitates efficient and consistent enteral nutrition flow, contributing to a smooth feeding process.

Experience the utmost in patient safety and convenience with the AMSure Gravity Feeding Bag Set. This 1200 mL enteral bag, free from DEHP and equipped with ENFit connectors, prioritizes patient outcomes by eliminating the risks associated with toxic plasticizers. The built-in ice pouch ensures optimal content temperature, and the patient label simplifies documentation. With large bore tubing for efficient nutrition delivery, this gravity feeding bag set exemplifies the commitment to safe and effective enteral nutrition. Trust in AMSure for superior enteral feeding solutions.